Archive | July 2014

Delivering Results

Does your business have a marketing activity but no defined marketing executive? If this is the case, then likely you have experienced limits in your ability to grow. Measured Intentions provides a team of marketing executives for a small portion of the cost it would take to hire a VP of Marketing or a Chief Marketing Officer. Our role is to act as an extension of your business.

Your company has a set vision. Our job is not to change that vision but to provide actionable, measurable marketing strategies that supports your growth and delivers results.

We start with a thorough analysis of your business plan. Then we build a solid marketing strategy backed by research and attainable financials. In order to effectively build our strategy, we will work with multiple departments within your organization. This provides us a holistic view of your organization and oftentimes provides you with intangible feedback from an outsider on business process improvements.

We will oversee the marketing plan implementation including providing direction to the internal design team, marketing team, printers, etc. or even an agency. We do have partners in design, web, social media, and many more fields that we happily provide to our clients; however, oftentimes, ours clients have trusted sources already. Our job is to develop and deliver on the strategy and guide the implementation, not to force you to use our design partner or web developer.

Our results speak for themselves.

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