Tough Love: Who To Partner With

shutterstock_175108400As a business, and even personally, it can be difficult to determine which charitable and non-profit organizations to direct your time and money. Of course we would love to have millions of dollars to donate to our organizations of choice, but unfortunately, most of us don’t have that kind of money available.

So how do you determine who to donate to or partner with?

From a marketing standpoint, you should be looking at the audience pool of potential organizations you want to work with, and aligning with those that complement your business the best.

This audience may or may not be the ones that actually benefit from those funds or donations. For example, let’s take a look at the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Although men can get breast cancer, the majority of breast cancer patients are women. Women represent the majority of people attending the events and serve as the audience for their message.

If your company’s target audience is women, then this is a great organization to partner with and support, as you will be creating brand awareness among your target audience while supporting a great cause.

If your company’s target audience is primarily men, then you might want to consider aligning with the Movember Foundation that focuses on men’s health.

Ask yourself these questions when considering with whom to partner or support:

  1. Who benefits from our donations and support? Are they in our target audience?
  2. Who else in the community supports this organization? Are these other supporters people that we would like to connect with and organizations in which we would like to gain visibility?
  3. How many organizations/donations can we support? Do we have enough resources to impact one organization or a couple? Do we want to only focus on one and alternate each year?

Take into consideration that you do not need to support the same organizations year over year. You can plan to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation one year and March of Dimes the next. It just depends on where you want your visibility, which organization you think will complement your company, and which organizations you have the most passion for.

You can also consider engaging your employees and having them vote or select an organization that they feel strongly about.

Key Takeaway: Focus on aligning with non-profit organizations that complement your business so you can leverage their audience while supporting a good cause.

Do you currently support organizations that complement your company?


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