Part Two: Data Analysis

data analysisHave you been following our new blog series? You should be if you want to increase sales and make sure your marketing dollars are effective!

If you haven’t been following along, you’ll want to check out our first two posts:

Building a Successful Strategic Marketing Plan

Part One: Research

We’re now on to “part two” of building a strategic marketing plan, but we’re still not ready to put pen to paper. In our last post, we discussed the importance of research. Research is meaningless if you don’t analyze and draw conclusions from the data collected.

What do people like about your company, your product or your services? What don’t they like?

Once you’ve collected all of your research you need to start identifying trends and patterns. These are items that may or may not be included in your marketing plan, but all should be addressed.

Maybe 60% of your customers surveyed state that your customer service is lacking and unhelpful. This would not necessarily be something to include in your marketing plan, but should be addressed within the company and investigated. Does your customer service department have proper training to handle customer demands? Are expectations and reality in alignment?

So what should you be looking for in your data to include in your marketing plan?

  • Specifically, common phrases or ideas that continually come up
  • Testimonials for use in marketing materials
  • Possible awareness campaigns needed
  • Preferred methods of communication of your target audience for media placement
  • Associations your company should get involved in (association integration)
  • Influential individuals or groups your company should connect with for referrals, collaborative efforts, etc.
  • Key publications, websites, and media outlets you should submit articles/blog posts for
  • Conferences you should attend/exhibit/sponsor
  • Key motivators and behaviors of your audience (i.e. if the audience is potential workforce, what motivates that particular target audience when they are seeking employment, if the audience is customers what are they looking for in a vendor/supplier, etc.)

After you’ve completed your research and data analysis, you’re ready to start building your marketing plan!

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