Happy 8th Birthday to Us!

What would most 8-year-olds want for their birthday? We asked ourselves this question and all unanimously came to the same answer – LEGO® blocks!

Who wouldn’t want colorful building bricks that can be transformed into airplanes, spaceships, skyscrapers, dragons, a magical mystery island, a sea monster, unicorn or literally anything the imagination can dream up!

LEGO® building blocks is the best analogy we could use to describe our 8th anniversary. Why? Because each unique, individual building block to us represents a business challenge or opportunity. A new competitor entering the marketplace. New team members. A legacy business trying to make it another ten years in a competitive industry.

At Measured Intentions, we like to think of ourselves as Master Builders. Looking at our clients landscape and developing the best business plans to construct our clients ideal LEGO® empire! We look at each individual building block to strategically place it where we know the foundation will hold strong, but allow for more growth and stability. Our company was built on this concept, continuing to build upon our strengths and defining and refining our landscape.

What does your LEGO® empire look like? Let us help you build it like we’ve helped numerous clients do so far and look forward to continuing to build upon in our future.




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