What’s Your Why: Facing Death for Future Success

Thinking of your own death can be morbid and scary (for most of us anyway)! Most of us can’t even bear to write a will let alone write an obituary talking about ourselves in the past tense. Last week, however, we challenged about 40 business leaders to do just that as part of an introspective workshop designed to help them make sure their companies were living a life worth remembering.

The workshop, titled “What’s Your Why” was delivered at the Iowa Association of Business and Industry’s Annual Conference in Sioux City. We challenged ABI members to think about the end of their lives as well as the lives of their companies to identify key changes they needed to make to ensure their legacy, and that of their business, is one in which they will be proud.

The workshop was a combination of creepy morbidity and good-natured fun with a bit of acting and a few surprise celebrity death scenarios reenacted. Throughout, participants had the opportunity to reflect on their past experiences both personally and at their companies while setting new goals aimed at closing the gap between their ideal selves and the reality of their current actions.

Each participant was given a special surprise at the end – a personal note from someone close to them describing how they are viewed by others and detailing their impact on those around them.

Some participants left with giant smiles and many in tears.

“This was a fantastic experience, which genuinely impacted my life. What Measured Intentions gave us was so much more than could ever be expected from a convention breakout session,” says Dick Davidson, President of Thombert, Inc. in Newton, Iowa.

“This was the best breakout session I’ve ever been to,” said Bobbie Segura, Regional Manager of IWLC.

“When you can blend introspection, planning, and a range of emotions from humor to tears, you can really make an impact on a person and their organization,” says Kathleen Riessen, Partner at Measured Intentions. “This workshop touches people personally and professionally and we received numerous notes and emails about the changes people planned to make as a result of their attendance.”

Interested in looking death in the face and having the chance to change your life and your company’s while there is still time?

Contact us at 515.868.0240 to discuss hosting a “What’s Your Why” session at your organization!



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