Social Media in Business

Social media is here to stay. No one can argue with that. Literally billions of people are engaged on social media on a daily basis. But as a business owner, it’s ever changing and can be difficult to manage and hard to control, especially when it comes to employee engagement.

Where do you draw the line of what’s appropriate and what’s not. How can you leverage your employees to gain more visibility?

Below we’ve provided some tips on how to manage your brand and employees on social media.

  1. Social media policy. From internal and external social media managers to your employees, it’s important to establish rules and regulations for what is appropriate and inappropriate for both business and personal social media accounts. These don’t have to be too detailed, but need to give enough guidance on what is allowed and encouraged and what could be grounds for dismissal.
  2. Social media manager. This is a position that could be internal or hired out, but it’s important that someone is keeping an eye and engaging on social media. Nothing looks worse than a company who seems to be ignoring their customers and prospects on social media when expectations for response are much higher than traditional media sources. This person should be responsible for daily review of company sites, answering messages and also keeping an eye on any company tags and discussions that could be happening.
  3. Be active. People expect close to real-time response on social media. Not posting consistently shows you don’t really care and also doesn’t provide content for people to share, like your employees, who could help grow audience reach easily.
  4. Encourage employees to engage. Your employees are great assets that have reach beyond your walls. Encourage them to share content from your business pages on their personal pages. Many companies offer an incentive program for employees that share and engage rewarding with small gift cards, a small gift or extra time off!

For more ideas and tips on social media management contact us!

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