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Fun at the ABI Golf Outing

The 15th hole at the Des Moines Golf and Country Club was the place to be this past Monday. Measured Intentions and Elevate Advanced Manufacturing teamed up to sponsor a hole at the ABI Executive Open. With props in hand, MI and Elevate welcomed golfers as they rolled up to the hole. The props were part of a fun Instagram-esque photo op to help commemorate the day. We enjoyed seeing familiar faces and meeting a few new ones. Thanks again to ABI for allowing us to be a part of the Executive Open. We look forward to seeing everyone at the Legends and Advanced Manufacturing Conference on October 3rd and 4th!

What’s Your Why: Facing Death for Future Success

Thinking of your own death can be morbid and scary (for most of us anyway)! Most of us can’t even bear to write a will let alone write an obituary talking about ourselves in the past tense. Last week, however, we challenged about 40 business leaders to do just that as part of an introspective workshop designed to help them make sure their companies were living a life worth remembering.

The workshop, titled “What’s Your Why” was delivered at the Iowa Association of Business and Industry’s Annual Conference in Sioux City. We challenged ABI members to think about the end of their lives as well as the lives of their companies to identify key changes they needed to make to ensure their legacy, and that of their business, is one in which they will be proud.

The workshop was a combination of creepy morbidity and good-natured fun with a bit of acting and a few surprise celebrity death scenarios reenacted. Throughout, participants had the opportunity to reflect on their past experiences both personally and at their companies while setting new goals aimed at closing the gap between their ideal selves and the reality of their current actions.

Each participant was given a special surprise at the end – a personal note from someone close to them describing how they are viewed by others and detailing their impact on those around them.

Some participants left with giant smiles and many in tears.

“This was a fantastic experience, which genuinely impacted my life. What Measured Intentions gave us was so much more than could ever be expected from a convention breakout session,” says Dick Davidson, President of Thombert, Inc. in Newton, Iowa.

“This was the best breakout session I’ve ever been to,” said Bobbie Segura, Regional Manager of IWLC.

“When you can blend introspection, planning, and a range of emotions from humor to tears, you can really make an impact on a person and their organization,” says Kathleen Riessen, Partner at Measured Intentions. “This workshop touches people personally and professionally and we received numerous notes and emails about the changes people planned to make as a result of their attendance.”

Interested in looking death in the face and having the chance to change your life and your company’s while there is still time?

Contact us at 515.868.0240 to discuss hosting a “What’s Your Why” session at your organization!


Getting Ready for the ABI Conference!

We’re excited to be heading to Sioux City for the annual ABI Taking Care of Business Conference!

We’ve completed our pre-conference checklist, which includes identifying past, current and hopefully future contacts we want to connect with, as well as which events and presentations to attend ensuring we make the most out of this great event.

We’ve also been practicing our presentation, which has some interesting characters attending and is sure to be a real eye-opener!

Have you completed your pre-conference checklist?

See you in Sioux City!

Happy 8th Birthday to Us!

What would most 8-year-olds want for their birthday? We asked ourselves this question and all unanimously came to the same answer – LEGO® blocks!

Who wouldn’t want colorful building bricks that can be transformed into airplanes, spaceships, skyscrapers, dragons, a magical mystery island, a sea monster, unicorn or literally anything the imagination can dream up!

LEGO® building blocks is the best analogy we could use to describe our 8th anniversary. Why? Because each unique, individual building block to us represents a business challenge or opportunity. A new competitor entering the marketplace. New team members. A legacy business trying to make it another ten years in a competitive industry.

At Measured Intentions, we like to think of ourselves as Master Builders. Looking at our clients landscape and developing the best business plans to construct our clients ideal LEGO® empire! We look at each individual building block to strategically place it where we know the foundation will hold strong, but allow for more growth and stability. Our company was built on this concept, continuing to build upon our strengths and defining and refining our landscape.

What does your LEGO® empire look like? Let us help you build it like we’ve helped numerous clients do so far and look forward to continuing to build upon in our future.



Happy Anniversary to Us!

BalloonsJune 1st marked our seventh anniversary here at Measured Intentions (MI). Did you know the appropriate gift for a seventh  anniversary is wool/copper, or in more modern terms, a desk set? We celebrated by buying two new desks for our growing staff!

Since MI opened its doors seven years ago, we’ve grown a lot – with new clients, new employees and new services. The best part of being a small business is that we can make a decision, implement a plan and take action quickly. We don’t have red tape, sticky decision-making or any of the other challenges that many other businesses face.

So what’s ahead for MI? We are looking forward to more speaking opportunities in our eighth year of business. The learning curve has been steep and our goal is to help other companies get to where we are at a faster clip. There are plenty of angles we approach for speaking, but the one we speak about most frequently is:

Bridging the Marketing and Sales Gap: Why do some organizations see immense sales success while others fail? Is it better to have a marketing-focused business or a sales-driven business? In reality, 93% of small to medium-sized businesses have marketing and sales teams that are not working in alignment. When these two departments work in alignment, sales increase 40%, on average, year over year. Learn proven strategies to lead your sales and marketing teams to better alignment resulting in bottom-line growth for your company.

Another topic that Michele and I both speak on is “Shatter the Glass Ceiling.” We both approach this topic a bit differently. Myself, from the standpoint as a mom of three and wife to a traveling husband, and Michele from a standpoint of juggling business responsibilities on many fronts and mom to two very active dogs! Below is a quick bio from my angle.

Shatter the Glass Ceiling: As the founder and partner of a 7-year old women-owned business, mother of three, wife to a husband that travels A LOT, partner in two fitness franchises and two martial arts studio, I’m here to tell you – you can have all that you want. As a woman business leader, the only constants are adversity and change. This talk will teach you how to set achievable goals, develop a balance that works for you and how to properly round house the crap out of that glass ceiling.

We are so excited at where we are and look forward to the next seven years!

Kathleen Riessen

Dare to be Different

A red man suit is a protective suit used in self-defense training to provide protection during sparring practice. So what does this have to do with golf?

Danny wearing the "red suit" at our MI Golf Hole!

Danny wearing the “red suit” at our MI Golf Hole!

We suited up our Farrell’s U.S. Martial Arts Director, Daniel Fath, this past Friday in this suit for the Annual ABI Conference Golf Event at TPC Deere Run in Silvis, IL (home of the John Deere Classic) and placed him at our Measured Intentions-sponsored golf hole. This was a great way for us to promote our strategic marketing firm and our martial arts program at Farrell’s U.S. Martial Arts.

At Measured Intentions, we have hosted our share of golf events and we can definitely say this was the most fun and the most rewarding. I assure you no other sponsor allowed someone to drive a golf ball at another human . . . on purpose. Danny was a great sport and even caught a ball in his suit!

Not only did the golfers thoroughly enjoy themselves, but we also had numerous tweets with pictures of the “red man”. As a company, we don’t always practice our own advice. We know we need to increase our own social media presence and this was one step in the right direction.

Want to see more photos? Follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

ABI Taking Care of Business Conference!

The annual Iowa ABI Taking Care of Business Conference is next week! At Measured Intentions we’ve been busy planning the breakout session we are leading: How to Market to ABI Members. At the same time we are getting many of our clients ready to make the most out of this networking and educational event.

For the past seven years, we have worked with ABI to help promote better business, education and strengthen relationships between Iowa businesses to grow Iowa and its economic landscape.

The annual conference offers opportunities for Iowa businesses of all sizes and from all industries to network, learn and foster better business in Iowa. Ken Blanchard and Patrick Lencioni are the two keynote speakers, known for their leadership and management insights.

We are excited to attend this great event with our clients and meet new potential clients and resources. We hope to see you there! Make sure to stop by and visit our booth.


Women in Leadership

Women leadership is not a new concept, but it’s one that is gaining more visibility and acceptance quickly.

The stereotypes are being torn down and women are achieving as much, if not more, than their male counterparts in many industries. While many think these are beauty, fitness, and fashion-led business owners only, the truth is that every industry is now seeing achievements and successes with female leaders at the helm.

Measured Intentions is proud to be a women-led business. To make us even more unique, we have a staff of mostly women, most of whom are working moms. So we know a thing or two about multitasking and prioritizing.

We were even featured in the latest edition of DSM Magazine – Women Who Mean Business. Check out the article here!

Move Over Oscar’s, The AAA’s Were This Past Weekend!

So The Oscar’s may have been Sunday night, but Saturday night was the event not to miss (at least here in Des Moines, IA).

Saturday evening was the annual American Advertising Awards (AAA’s) hosted by the American Advertising Federation of Des Moines (AAF DSM). If you’re not “in the know”, this event showcases and highlights the best of the best in regards to work, but also people in the advertising and marketing industry.

Our very own Kathleen Riessen was a nominee for Silver Medalist of the Year (a HUGE honor)! And guess what?! She won. We knew she would, she’s only been involved for the past million years in the organization!

But in all honesty, Kathleen is very deserving of this award and it reflects her dedication to the advancement of the industry as well as herself in regards to professional development.

Check out her extensive bio below and make sure to say “Congratulations” when you see her next!

Silver Medalist of the Year – Kathleen Riessen!

Kathleen RiessenKathleen is a partner at Measured Intentions, a strategic marketing consulting firm she founded in 2008. Measured Intentions partners with small to medium-sized businesses to act as an outsourced marketing director or marketing team. Kathleen and her business partner (Michele Farrell) serve on the boards of many of their clients and get involved in their day-to-day activities.

Kathleen has been involved with AAF at all levels. She began as a member while in college at Iowa State University. She participated in the National Student Advertising Competition and led the first ISU IMC Conference, which gave students from around the Midwest the opportunity to create an integrated marketing campaign for a real client alongside advertising professionals. After graduating from Iowa State University, Kathleen joined the AAF board and has served in about every capacity. Under Kathleen’s leadership, AAF of Des Moines was named Club of the Year and Kathleen was awarded the President of the Year from the American Advertising Federation in 2010. Kathleen then joined the District 9 AAF Board where she served for four years as the National Student Advertising Competition Director, District ADDY (AAAs) Director, Governor and Chairwoman. Kathleen also served a term on the National American Advertising Federation Board in 2012-2013 representing both District 9 and the AAF of Des Moines.

Kathleen co-owns the Farrell’s Beaverdale and Farrell’s Waukee eXtreme Bodyshaping locations and Farrell’s United States Martial Arts. Kathleen also holds a CPA license.

Kathleen is a proud mommy to Caden (6), Noah (4) and Andrew (2) and wife to Josh Riessen.